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Castle Varrich

Castle Varrich is in the far north of the Scottish Highlands, near the village of Tongue. The castle is on a local high point of rock, overlooking both the Kyle of Tongue and the village of Tongue.
Castle Varrich is a ruined rectangular tower overlooking the Kyle of Tongue. Strategically located on the crown of a steep outcrop from the hill called An Garbh Chnoc, it has good views up the Kyle to the sea as well as overlooking the village of Tongue. Access to the castle is via a long and sometime strenuous footpath. The site is rather restricted and there is no visible evidence of outbuildings or an associated courtyard. Nothing is known for certain about the history of Castle Varrich, and tradition variously associates it with the Mackays, the Bishop of Caithness and the Norse. However it is certainly not old enough to be associated with the Bishops or Norse. The location does suggest it was a watch tower of some description, possibly built on the site of an old dun or broch; and it appears likely to have been used in the 16th century, possibly having been repaired since. If this hypothesis is correct it could have been a vantage point associated with the Mackay tower and house just north of Tongue and low on the coast.


Castle Varrich, ,
Tongue, Sutherland, IV27 4XG


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